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How Many AMPs Does a Space Heater Use?

Space heaters are a convenient and effective way to keep ourselves warm during the cold winter months or in chilly rooms. However, when using these heating devices, it’s essential to understand how much electricity they consume to ensure both safety and cost-effectiveness. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything related to the electricity consumption of various heaters. This will provide you with detailed insights and information to help you make informed decisions regarding your heating needs.

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Understanding AMPs and Space Heaters

There is no direct answer to the question of how many AMPs a space heater use because heaters with different watts and capacity may use a different amount of AMP. Thus, let’s study this in detail.

Let’s start with the basics, such as what exactly are AMPs and how they relate to space heaters.

Then we will check different heaters and their AMP usages.

Amps (Amperes)

Amps are often referred to as Amperes.  These are the units of measurement for electrical current. Think of them as the rate of flow of electricity in a circuit. In simpler terms, it’s like measuring the volume of water flowing through a pipe. When we talk about space heaters, understanding their amperage is crucial because it tells us how much electrical current they need to operate.


In the context of space heaters, voltage represents the electrical pressure required to drive the current. Most space heaters are designed to operate at a standard voltage of 120 volts in residential settings.

Now that we have these basics covered, let’s explore how amps apply to different space heaters.

Calculating Amps for Various Space Heaters

Space heaters come in various wattages, which determine the amount of electricity they consume. To understand how many amps a space heater uses, we can use a simple formula:

Amps (A) = Watts (W) / Voltage (V)

In this case, the voltage is typically 120 volts for household circuits. Let’s calculate the amperage for different space heaters:

750-Watt Heater 

For a smaller space heater with a power rating of 750 watts, the amperage would be:

Amps (A) = 750W / 120V = 6.25A

This means a 750-watt heater would use approximately 6.25 amps when plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet.

1,500-Watt Heater

A common size for space heaters is 1,500 watts. To find the amperage, we use the same formula:

Amps (A) = 1,500W / 120V = 12.5A

Therefore, a 1,500-watt heater requires approximately 12.5 amps to operate when connected to a 120-volt circuit.

5,000-Watt Heater 

If you have a larger and more powerful 5,000-watt heater, the amperage calculation would be:

Amps (A) = 5,000W / 120V = 41.67A

This means a 5,000-watt heater draws around 41.67 amps, indicating a significantly higher electrical demand.

It’s important to note that exceeding the amperage limit of a circuit can lead to electrical problems and safety hazards. Therefore, always check the specifications of your space heater to ensure it’s compatible with the electrical circuit you intend to use.

Factors Affecting Amperage(AMPs)

A heater will use how much AMPs may vary depending upon several factors which I am explaining below:

  • Wattage: The higher the wattage, the more amps a space heater will use. You can calculate amperage using the formula as I already explained above (Amperage = Wattage / Voltage). Most space heaters operate at 120 volts, but some may use 240 volts, which can reduce the amperage required for a given wattage. So, when a 1500-watt heater uses 120 volts, it will use 12.5 AMPs but when the same-wattage heater uses 240 volts, it will use only 6.25 AMPs.
  • Heater Size: Larger space heaters generally have higher wattages and, consequently, draw more amps. Smaller heaters use less electricity.
  • Temperature Setting: Running a space heater at a higher temperature setting consumes more energy and therefore draws more amps. It’s essential to find a balance between comfort and energy efficiency.

Why Knowing Amperage Usage of Space Heater is Important?

1. Safety: Knowing how many amps your heaters use ensures that your home’s electrical system can handle the load. This keeps your house safe from potential electrical hazards like overheating, damaged wiring, or, worst-case scenario, electrical fires. Sometimes, when you don’t know the Amps requirement, and if your house system doesn’t take the load well, it can result in hazards.

2. No More Tripped Breakers: When you give more load than what your house electrical system can handle, the circuit breaks trips, and the power goes off. This is an inconvenient situation for your house. Thus, when you know the AMPs usage of the heater or any other device you use, you are sure that you are giving the load under the limit.

3. Saving on Energy Costs: We all want to save on energy bills. Amperage is directly linked to how much electricity your heater consumes. Being aware of this helps you select heaters that match your energy efficiency budget.

4. Compatibility with Your Home: Different heaters have different amperage and voltage requirements. If you know these details beforehand, you get only the heater that is compatible with your home system.

5. Fire Safety Assurance: Safety is a top priority. Space heaters can be fire hazards if used carelessly. Understanding amperage helps reduce the risk of overheating and electrical fires, making your home safer.

6. Wiring and Outlet Considerations: When setting up or relocating a space heater, you may need to think about the right wiring and outlets. Some high-amperage heaters may require thick wires with high load capacity. If you are not sure about the AMPs it uses, and use a wire with low load capacity, it can melt when the load is more.

Thus, knowing how many amps your heaters use is like a safety net for your home. It keeps your family secure, prevents frustrating electrical problems, and helps you save on energy costs. So, whether you’re just trying to stay warm or managing your home’s electrical system, knowing the amperage is a key piece of the puzzle.


Understanding how many amps a space heater uses is essential for safe and efficient operation. By knowing the amperage requirements of your heater and matching them to the appropriate electrical circuit, you can enjoy the warmth without compromising safety. Remember to follow safety guidelines, inspect your space heater regularly, and prioritize fire safety to keep your home cozy and secure during cold seasons. Stay warm and stay safe!

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