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How to Cool Down A Room While Running An Air Purifier?

In the world of industrialization, and too much of vehicles on the roads, air is not as much healthier as it used to be 20 years ago. Thus, Air Purifiers have been popular for many years to at least purify the air inside the house. You cannot control much of the outside air but with the help of this awesome appliance, you can make indoor air clean and healthy.

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Although air purifiers are not intended for cooling down your room, they can have some cooling effects due to the airflow they generate while in use.

In this article, I am going to discuss how to cool down a room when you are using an Air Purifier.

How Does An Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers are sophisticated appliances that come in various models, each with its unique features and functions. The purpose of an air purifier is to filter and purify indoor air by removing pollutants and allergens. An Air purifier works by drawing air into the unit through one or more filters, and the rate of airflow can often be adjusted using different fan speeds. And, when the air passes through the filters, the pollutants are filtered, and it gives out fresh and clean air for you to breathe.

Although cooling the room is not the primary function of air purifiers, they can inadvertently create a cooling effect due to the airflow they generate. And, hence the perfect placement of an Air purifier in your room will decide whether an Air Purifier can cool your room or not.

Can An Air Purifier Cool Down A Room?

No, Air Purified cannot cool down a room effectively but it can do to some extent. Air Purifier contains fans that direct air to go inside the system. Its prime use is to use its filters to trap pollen, dust, or even particulate matter. However, to a small extent, you may feel the difference in the air when Air purifier is running. Due to airflow it generates, there could be some cooling effect is there.

Better Cooling Leads to Better Airflow Speed

Most air purifiers available on the market come with adjustable fan speeds. Some models are capable of producing a high rate of airflow, often exceeding 900 cubic feet per minute. These high-speed settings are typically designed for larger spaces, but it’s important to note that even at lower fan speeds, air purifiers can generate a cooling effect, especially in smaller rooms. But, the cooling of air would not be considerable.

Check Airflow Direction

The manner in which air purifiers intake and expel air plays a significant role in their cooling effect. Air purifiers that draw air in from the bottom or top and expel it outward are more likely to cool the room effectively. This concept is similar to the way you can change the rotation direction of ceiling fan blades to direct airflow either upward or downward.

Tips For Cooling A Room With An Air Purifier

Placement Of Air Purifier Matters

As discussed above that Air Purifier is not a prime way to cool your room but to some extent it does show some cooling effect because of the airflow it generates. To increase the cooling effect of your air purifier, consider its placement in the room. Position it in a location where it can draw in warmer air and expel a bit cooler and filtered air into the room. Placing it strategically can make a significant difference in the cooling experience.

Get Purifiers with High Fan Speeds

During hot days, consider running your air purifier at a higher fan speed. While this can enhance the cooling effect, keep in mind that higher speeds may produce more noise. You’ll need to strike a balance between your cooling needs and tolerance for noise.

Closed Doors and Windows

For the best cooling effect, keep the doors and windows of the room closed. This helps contain the cooled air within the room and maintains a consistent temperature and airflow.

Choose the right filter types

Different air purifiers use various types of filters, including HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. HEPA filters are highly competent in capturing small particles, making them suitable for allergy sufferers, while activated carbon filters excel at removing odours. Choosing the right filter type can have an impact on the quality of air and the cooling effect.

Multi-functional Units

If cooling is a top priority, consider air purifiers that combine air purification with cooling fan functions. These multi-functional units can provide added comfort while also improving air quality. But do check their features in detail.

Should You Depend on Air Purifiers for Cooling?

No, you should not depend on Air Purifiers for cooling your room. The main function is to purify the air not cool the air. Thus, for cooling purpose either you use an AC or a Fan whichever suits you the best.

Here we have discussed the cooling capabilities of an Air Purifier just because people have been asking this questions repeatedly here and there, so, I thought to write an article on this topic.

Although to some extent Purifiers may cool your room, you cannot depend on it. Get an AC for cooling purpose, and let your purifier does it job of purifying the indoor air.


Can I use an Air Purifier as a fan?

You can but it will have limitations. If you want to use it still make sure to place it correctly especially pointing to the main item in a room like towards the bed in a bedroom, or sofa in a drawing room. 

Do Air Purifiers make the room smell better?

It can, especially the highly advanced ones. The process of purification is simple, the compounds that trigger the smell are often trapped in the filter before the air is blown out.

Is a Dehumidifier or Purifier better for a musty smell?

Dehumidifiers are relatively better as they tend to suck the moisture out which always had the smelling compounds surrounding them. A purifier also does that, the process is more dry and airy. 


While air purifiers are not specifically designed to cool down rooms, they can be optionally used for their cooling effect due to the airflow they generate. To cool down a room effectively while using an air purifier, you should consider factors like airflow speed and direction, optimal placement, and keeping doors and windows closed. However, it’s important to remember that for significant cooling, it’s best to use dedicated cooling devices such as Ceiling Fans or ACs.

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