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Best Selling High Speed Pedestal Fan

Being in the tropical region, some region experiences extremely hot weather. That is exactly what necessitates a perfect ventilation and Colling system that helps you get rid of the hot climate. While air conditioners and ceiling fans are one of the most commonly used options, they may not be sufficient enough to cool the surroundings. Of course, air conditioners can get the work done but tend to be not affordable for everyone. From that perspective, we thought of sharing a few high-performance pedestal fans to assist you in driving away the heat effectively.

Factors to Consider When Opting for Pedestal Fan

Like with any product, you need to check out a few pointers to ascertain the usefulness of the pedestal fan before you actually buy it. Here are a few factors you need to check out essentially while buying a pedestal fan.

  • Fan Modes: If you are using a pedestal fan while sleeping at night, you would want them to function silently. Check for modes like SILENT or NATURAL.
  • Timer: This lets you switch off the fan after the pre-set time, without you having to do that manually.
  • Stability: Since pedestal fans stand tall, they need to have either anti-slip feet or multiple feet.
  • Speed Options: If the fan comes with 3-speed variations, it could be a good idea for a perfect comfort to meet your preferences.
  • Air Delivery: This is one of the features you would look ahead to as a higher air delivery will ensure that you get better performance.

Best #4 High-Speed Pedestal Fans

One of the greatest advantages that pedestal fans offer you would be the ease of portability that they offer you. In fact, since most of them come with axial blades, it would be easier to make use of these fans for optimum use for providing cool air.

Usha Helix Pro – Best Selling Pedestal Fan 


  • 2300 RPM Speed
  • 400 MM Sweep
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 5 Feet Height

Bajaj VPR01 – Best Pedestal Fan with Remote


  • 55 Watts Power
  • 1300 RPM Speed
  • 2 Years Warranty

Bajaj Midea BP2200 – Best High Speed Pedestal Fan


  • Power consumption – 100 Watts
  • Speed – 2200 RPM
  • Speed settings – 3
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Solid base for stabilitytb

V-Guard Finesta STS – Best Pedestal Fan for Bedroom


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 55 Watt Power Consumption
  • Air Delivery of 65 CMM
  • Remote and Timer functionality

What are the Benefits of Pedestal Fans?

If you are wondering what benefits does a pedestal fan offer over the other means of beating the heat, the points below should help you answer your question.

1. Angling & Height2. Low-Cost 3. Environment Friendly4. Portability
You can adjust the height and angle of the pedestal fan to suit your exact cooling needs. If you are not comfortable with a direct breeze, it may be a great option to focus on the indirect air flow through angling.
Pedestal fans offer exciting functionality at a lower cost. Compared to air conditioners, it may be a formidable choice.
In sharp contrast to air conditioners, the fan does not emit harmful chemicals. You will not need to worry about CFC or other harmful by products anymore.
Pedestal fans tend to be portable and can be installed practically anywhere. Effortless movement makes it the best choice by every standard of ease of use.

Concluding Thoughts on Best Selling Pedestal Fan

Those were a few top end pedestal fans you can opt for if you are looking to free yourself from the scorching heat. Not that the list is exhaustive, but we have made it a point to feature the best performers in this compilation. The summer season is fast approaching, and it is high time you made a learned choice and opted for any of the best high-speed pedestal fans outlined here.

You may share your inputs about any of the fans we have featured in this compilation. Do share any other options you found missing here, but worthy of being in this list.

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