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How to Make a Fan Into Air Cooler With Bottles for Science Project

Summer has been one of the difficult climates. It is taking its toll on us to a greater extent. But not everyone can afford air coolers, and air conditioners and table fans may not be able to handle the hot season efficiently. This is perhaps where you would find it practical enough to indulge in some sort of DIY to prepare an air cooler from something that is just lying out there. We will check out the options to make an air cooler using pet bottles.

How to Make An Air Cooler with Pet Bottles?

The Plastic bottle air conditioner was something developed by the Bangladeshi inventor  Ashis Paul. The fact that it has been installed in over 25000 to 30000 homes in the nation. To build an air cooler or air conditioner with pet bottles, you need nothing more than a few pet bottles and a board.

How to prepare an air conditioner with pet bottles? Here are the steps involved in the DIY venture.

  • Cut the plastic bottles into the half.
  • Cut holes in the cardboard. The holes should be equivalent to the bottleneck.
  • You can drill as many holes in the board as you would want to. Create a grid of holes.
  • Push the bottlenecks into the holes.
  • Place the cardboard aligned on a window. Make sure the narrow end of the bottles is facing you.

The following image should provide you with an insight into how does the technique work.

how to make a air cooler with bottle

When the cool air blows through the larger part of the bottle and moves out of the narrowed part providing a cool effect. The technique is stated to provide a temperature reduction of up to 5-degree centigrade which should be one of the best options.

We hope the below video gives you better clarity on how to make an air cooler with bottles using a table fan or even a pedestal fan:

How does Air Cooler work?

The technique involved in the eco cooler works on the basis of a scientific concept. When the hot air rushes inside the plastic bottle, it expands as soon as it reaches the narrowed part. This expanded air cools down the room where it enters the room.

The cooling here is actually the result of the change in the pressure. When the air enters the narrowed part, the pressure is increased. As soon as it is released from the bottleneck, it suddenly experiences a drop in the pressure. This causes the temperature to drop as well.

Too much scientific, right? The principle is simple and easy to work with. Perhaps an equivalent example from day to day life may be easy to explain this phenomenon.

how to make air cooler without water

The above image should make it clear enough. The Blow Hot – Blow Cold technique can be quite ideal and efficient for creating your own air cooler without spending much. The principle that makes this technique work is based on a thermodynamics principle referred to as Joule Thomson Effect. You would be interested to know that this process is also used in case of Liquefiers, refrigerators, heat pumps and air-conditioners.

Why has it become so popular?

Eco cooler is indeed worthy of its name. The cooler gets its name for the simple fact that it is economical and simple in its functionality. The popularity and affordability of the cooler lies in it being the most affordable option in its own right.

The eco cooler is completely economical and environment-friendly. In a way, it takes care of both ecology and economics and worthy of being called an ECO COOLER. The concept gained popularity around the Bangladeshi homes for the simple reason that traditional or conventional air coolers do need the electricity and that is indeed a commodity that is quite scarce in Bangladesh, especially the rural Bangladesh.

Eco cooler is the first air conditioner with zero electricity requirements. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you need not make any purchase to buy the new cooler. Grey Group, an international advertising company, posted the idea online for free. It is free for access to share ideas and inputs that make the project a better option. If you have access to the internet, you can check out the basic idea and design your own version of the eco cooler. The Grameen Intel Social Business to has volunteered to make the program a success.

What Can You Do?

Well, we shared the basic idea of how effective the pet bottles can be in making your own air cooler or air conditioner. While using the eco cooler on the Window can be the best option for a larger room, you can even change it to a slightly lesser degree.

One of the best ideas would be to use the same principle, but you will use it with a fan instead of a window. Of course, the plan may not be a good idea if your region suffers frequent power cuts. Use four bottles on a cardboard and then tie them up with the fan grill. The already cool air coming out of the fan will get further cooled as it passes through the eco cooler.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Make Air Cooler Without Water

Well, the concept of eco coolers has been one of the unique concepts. In fact, it is an idea and not a product in itself. This should perfectly help you arrive at the best possible combinations and permutations in creating the best air coolers using a few pet bottles. Of course, if you are one of those Do It Yourself enthusiasts, you can formulate your own ideas. In fact, the basic principle of the project would be to make use of the Joule Thomson effect to the best possible extent.

Now that you are aware of how you can use pet bottles for making your own low cost and economical air coolers, do come up with your own ideas and techniques that can help us extrapolate it further ahead. Brainstorm the idea among your friends and share the best formulations and ideas that can be more helpful enough for the others who are looking for the best alternatives to the expensive air conditioners and air coolers.