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Best #5 High Speed Table Fan from Usha

The scorching summer is indeed unbearable. One of the best options to stay cooler and get relieved of the hot and humid climate is to use a table fan. Of course, the air conditioners are the best options for enhanced performance with respect to the best cooling performance for your room; the Table Fan can be an affordable option and yes, portable. Usha being one of the most popular brands in India when it comes to fans, especially table fans – we will check out the best Table fans from Usha in this post.

Points to Consider When Buying a High-Speed Table Fan

When you are buying a table fan, it may be a good idea to consider a few factors before actually buying a fan of your choice. In fact, these factors will focus on the functionality and an added usefulness.

Some of the practical features you need to look for while buying a table fan should be:

  • The material of construction (especially for blades)
  • Air Delivery, measured either in CMM or CFM
  • Number of Speed Control options
  • Oscillation
  • Grill Type – removable or non-removable

Best High-Speed Table Fans from Usha

Let’s come directly to the main part of the post, the Usha high-speed table fans, one of the best high-speed table fans. Usha, being one of the best manufacturers in India for table and ceiling fans, is a much-trusted brand. Here are the top end Table fans from Usha that you can choose:

Usha Maxx Air – Best Selling Table Fan from Usha


  • Power: 55 watts
  • Variable speeds – 3
  • Warranty – One year
  • Air Delivery – 67 CMM
  • Speed – 1280 RPM

Usha Duos Mist Air 400 MM – Best Table Fan from Usha


  • Blade sweep – 400 MM
  • Power – 55 Watts
  • Air delivery – 60 CMM
  • Speed – 1280 RPM
  • Warranty – One year
  • Number of speed variations – 3

Usha Wind 3 Blade Design – High Speed Table Fan from Usha


  • Sweep size for the blade – 400 MM
  • Air delivery – 70 MM
  • Speed – 1300 RPM
  • Power – 52 watts
  • Warranty – One year
  • Number of Speed Variations – 3

Usha Mist Air Icy 400 MM – Latest Table Fan from Usha


  • Blade sweep – 400 MM
  • Number of Speed Controls – 3
  • Power – 55 watts
  • Speed – 1280 RPM
  • Air delivery – 67 CMM
  • Warranty – Two years

Usha Maxairb 3 – The Final One from Us


  • Power – 75 Watts
  • Sweep – 400 MM
  • Speed – 1280 RPM
  • Warranty – One year
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3

Concluding Thoughts on High-Speed Table Fan

Usha International Ltd is a constituent of the Siddharth Shriram Group. The Siddharth Shriram Group was established in 1889 and has widespread interests in varied businesses like textiles, chemicals, sugar, automobiles, engines, nylon tire cord, automotive components, edible oil, heavy chemicals (fertilizers), engineering foundries, sewing machines, fans, and home appliances.

Usha as a company came into being in 1934 and since then, they have been manufacturing durable and the best in class goods at affordable prices, including the table fans. Most of the Usha high-speed table fan prices would range around INR 1,500. We researched a lot to find Usha table fan below INR 1000, but we could hardly find anything. However, during the festive sales or other offers, you should be easily able to find Usha table fan below INR 1000.

So those were the high-end table fans from Usha that you can check out. In fact, Usha has been one of the prominent brands when it comes to table fans, ceiling fans, and sewing fans. We have picked the table fans that have high ratings on the Indian E-Commerce portals.

Have you used any of these tables fans? Do share your thoughts and opinions with us for enhanced knowledge.