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How to Buy Ceiling | Tower | Table | Pedestal Fans – Ultimate Buying Guide

The Indian summer season is indeed one of the difficult ones. The hot and humid climate across almost all regions of the nation makes the situation rather worse. Of course, there are several options available to help you control the hot climate and get a soothing experience, fans have been one of the most affordable options because of the easy availability and functionality that they offer you. However, choosing a fan is not an easy task as it may appear to be. Let us go through the buying guide for fans today to assist you in making the right choice.

Buying Guide for Fans – A Complete Guide to the right Purchase

Fans come in different shapes, sizes and capacities. That would perhaps make it a rather difficult task to choose the fans that would help you beat the heat effectively. Now that there are several types of fans available, we thought of dividing our tips depending upon the exact types of fans so as to make it easy for you to understand.

ceiling fan buying guide

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are possibly one of the most commonly used options among the several options available. It can help you cover a wider area and thus you can install one or two of them to cover the carpet area depending upon the total area of your room.

Here are the choicest factors you will need to take care of.

The Size

Ceiling fans do not come in one size fits all dimensions. Ideally, you will find the fans in multiple options right from 14 inches to a whopping 72 inches. The perfect choice of the size should be dependent upon the height of your room and the size in terms of area. Most manufacturers offer you a guide based on these parameters to choose the fan that perfectly matches the appropriate size of your room.

The guide here should serve as an excellent option to make the right choice

Room area in square feet Blade Span in inches
Less than 75 29 to 36
76 to 144 36 to 44
144 to 225 44 to 25
225 to 400 50 to 72
More than 400 50 to 72. But you need more than one fan installations

The Installation

The mount you use for the installation should be another factor you need to consider. It will be dependent on the height of the room. If the ceiling height is less than 8 feet, you can go with a flush mount installation.

how to buy a good ceiling fan

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The rooms with a height of around 8 to 10 feet can work with the standard down rod that comes with the sales package. If your room has a ceiling height more than 10 feet, it may be essential to use an extended down rod. The sloped application will come with the ceiling slant adapters at offer you a slant height of about 32 degrees or higher.

Ceiling Fan Style and Finish

This may not have anything to do with the functionality of the fan with respect to the technical features. However, it may be important enough for going with your home décor. You may choose between the following options.

1. Antique Designs2. Contemporary Style3. Rustic Fans
The traditional and vintage home décor will indeed benefit from the antique styled fan design. You may also give a thought to the style and design that goes well with your furniture.
It can be a good option for the traditional look of your room. They come with a minimalistic adornment. You can pair it with the contemporary casual furniture option. The smooth metallic finish on the blade is another excellent option.
These can be a good option for regular homes or lodges. They offer you a dark wood finish and a rustic look.

Tower Fans

Tower Fans are unique and can be an excellent option for the events and best suited for the large rooms like conference halls. In addition to increasing your comfort levels, it also doubles up as the best option for taking care of your budget.


This should be an important factor to consider when you are buying a tower fan. In fact, one of the biggest disadvantages of tower fans is they are unstable. Check if your fan comes with measures to address the issue.

1. Anti-Slip Feet2. Multiple Feet
Make sure your fan comes with anti-sleep feet when compared to the normal ones. While their presence may not affect you when you place them on a carpet, but it will be important to check them if you are placing them on the shiny surfaces like tiles.
Using multiple feet than the single can improve the stability further. You can even decide to go with a fan that has 6 or 8 feet for increased stability. It will make it more resilient to slips.


This is again an excellent option for the improved performance of your tower fan. The design is something manufacturers have been giving good thought to.


Tower fans normally are not supposed to have oscillation. You should check the features available on the tower fan for the right kind of angling. It may not provide you with the exact results as oscillation; it may be one of the best alternatives.


This is another added advantage when it comes to the tower fans. Your fan comes with just an on timer, an off timer or even an on-off timer.

Table Fans

Table fans are the next popular option when compared to the ceiling fans. While it may share most of the features with other counterparts, there are a few features specific to it and need to be taken care of when buying your fan.


Table fans come with multiple designs. Box fans can be helpful for fresh air as they can be placed on the window grills. They tend to be slimmer and provide you access to portability, but at the same time – they can be less stable. Standard tabletop models are popular but are little bulky. There are also square and fat designs and offer you stability.

The Grills

The grills on table fans should be chosen carefully enough. If the grills tend to be wider, it may not be a good option if you have small kids. Since they are placed on tables, they are easily accessible to kids. A removable grill will be an added advantage as it will help you clean them up properly.


Ideally, a table fan has blades made of plastic. There are a few options that come with metallic blades which may not be a good option. Plastic blades make them lightweight. They will also help you with easy cleaning functionality.

Features common to All Fan Types

The factors explained above as part of the buying guide for fans have been outlined based on the specific requirements unique to each of the fan types we have featured above. Having understood these individualistic factors you need to give a thought to, here are a few other factors you need to take care of. All these features are common to all fan types.

1. Air Delivery2. Speed3. Speed Control4. Oscillation

Air delivery is referred to in terms of CMM. CMM stands for Cubic Metres per minute and refers to the volume of air moved per minute. Higher the CMM value, higher will be the amount of air moved. Since you need a higher amount of air blowing out, it is advisable to go with a fan with high CMM.

Some regions specify it as CFM which stands for Cubic feet per minute.

The speed of the fan is expressed in RPM or Revolutions Per Minute. It is indeed the rotations that the motor makes per minute. Once again, the higher RPM will translate into a better flow of air. A better speed will offer you a heavy blow of air.
Any fan coms with variable speeds. While the ceiling fan speeds can be controlled with the help of a separate regulator mounted on the switchboard, the table fan or other fan types have the controls installed on the fan body itself. The speed controls differ from two to five. Of course, there are fans that come with a single speed which may not be a good option. They will be a good choice if you are using them for a dedicated purpose.
Oscillation is one of the prominent options you would need to focus on. Of course, ceiling fans and tower fans do not need the oscillation functionality. If you are looking for the oscillation feature, do ensure that you have access to the maximum possible oscillation levels and the speed of oscillation is uniform and non-noisy. Please note that the oscillating fans can introduce rattling noises over time.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few features that you should give a thought to while looking to buy a fan. No matter, which kind of fan you are looking to go for, the buying guide and tips thereof featured in this compilation should help you make the right choice.

Share your thoughts with us and enlighten us with any additional tips on how to choose the right kind of fan depending upon our individual requirements.

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