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Best Selling High-Speed Table Fans Under INR 1,000

Fans are perhaps one of the most important options – no matter whether in summer or other seasons. Of course, they would be most important and essential when it comes to the summers, especially in countries like India with the tropical climate you experience in the region. However, choosing the best table fan can have budget considerations as well. If you are someone looking for the affordable table fans, this list of the best table fans under Rs. 1000 should be one of the best you can go with.

Considerations to go Through While Choosing a Table Fan

Well, as with any product, you need to check out a few basic features before you can actually opt for table fan under Rs. 1000. Some of the basic factors you would need to pay attention to would include:

  • Material – Though metal blades had been in vogue in the past, the plastic blades have become quite popular these days. They offer durability and a no warp design.
  • Speed Options – A table fan with a minimum 3 speed options is a preferable alternative. However, given the fact that we are considering the fans under Rs. 1000, it may not be easy to get the options in all the fans listed here.
  • The grills – The grills on your fan should be not much wider. It will be an ideal option to have narrower grills if you have kids at home.
  • Speed – Speed of the fan as expressed in RPM, it will determine the airflow offered by your chosen fan.


For more buying factors, you can check the detailed Table Fan buying guide.

Best High-Speed Table Fans Under Rs. 1000

While the price band of Rs. 1000 may appear to be quite on the lower tier; you do have access to a few good options from the renowned brands. You have plenty of options available at your disposal, but then we would be focusing on some of the best table fans for the sake of this post.

Bajaj Ultima PT01 – Best Table Fan under 1,000


  • Sweep – 200mm
  • Power – 36 Watts
  • Speed – 2300 RPM
  • Warranty – One year

Piesome Rechargeable Fan – Best High-Speed Table Fan Under 1,000 


  • Rechargeable Fan
  • Battery life upto 8 hours
  • Lightweight

Gaiatop Small Desk Fan under 1000


  • 3 Speed controls
  • 5.5″ Blade & 6.5″ Frame
  • 90° Adjustable

Amikan Laurels Happy Home


  • Sweep – 225 mm
  • Motor speed – 2400 RPM
  • 9” size all purpose fan

Concluding Thoughts on Best Selling Table Fans Under 1000

Those were a few select table fan models available under Rs. 1000. There are several options available under this price bracket, but you may not find most of them below par when compared to the features you would be looking for.

The fans featured in this compilation should ideally work towards achieving the best possible cooling performance under an affordable price tag. Opt for any of them and share your thoughts with us.